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Apache FOP 2.0 released, now with rounded corners, Apple to investigate

Apache FOP (Formating Objects Processor) 2.0 used for transforming XSL-FO (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) to PDF among other formats was released on 3rd June 2015. New features include; rounded corners, side floats and OpenType CFF font support.


XSL-FO Is Dead, CSS Paged Media Is Prime Suspect

There have been a number of reports that XSL-FO is a dead language and that CSS Paged Media is ready to usurp it from it's role as the industry standard for printed output. 

This post looks at the current state of affairs for both XSL-FO and CSS Page Media to see which is the best for building a new publishing solution.


XSL-FO is alive and kicking

When I last looked at XSL-FO in 2014, it looked dead, yet 5 years later in 2019 XSL-FO is still here with commercial and open source vendors still supporting it, with updates to their products.