The Project

Workflow System for AXA UK

Athena Large


Development of a bespoke workflow application to help manage system support tasks for AXA.

About the client

AXA UK Corporate Systems support a number of applications for AXA’s different UK operating companies; AXA PPP Healthcare, AXA Personal Lines, AXA Commercial Lines & AXA Wealth. This includes the individual companies Intranet’s and Card Payments Portal used by AXA’s ecommerce websites.

The challenge

Corporate Systems need to keep track of all their correspondence and delivery dates for scheduled work as part of their support work. This has in the main been done using a number of disparate systems including email, spread sheets, printed calendars and post-it notes, and of course a lot of the tracking information is locked away inside people’s heads.

Corporate Systems aim was to centralise their data and spread sheets into a single system that would at a glance show where any team member was at with their work load and enable them to pick up tasks when someone was off sick.

Our solution

We built a digital team to-do list (workflow system) which highlights priorities and enables users to keep track of their work. The system allows the grouping of tasks using parent child relationships and the setup of recurring tasks to avoid creating anymore work that absolutely necessary. Users have their own personal queue and can also see what everyone else is up to via the team queue. We also allowed work items to be used as templates for new work again to minimise duplication.

We used the latest and greatest web frameworks to give the system a sound foundation for further expansion / development in the future.