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At Rockweb we pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions that your business needs and are tailored to you. There are three factors that can make your web design sink or swim.

Mobile First

Imagine you own a small store in that sells shoes for both men and women. But you only let in men. You have bills to pay and your shop is struggling and you have a decision to make. Let women in or close the business. Simple decision right, you simply close it and go out of business as it is obvious it is not viable. This may sound absurd to you but this is what a web site designed for just desktop is actually doing to your business.

"Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic"


At Rockweb we design mobile first to ensure that you are not missing out on sales that could make or break your business. Our web design agency ensures your business can reach all of your customers with just one responsive website, whether they are using a mobile phone or are sitting at their desk.


Picture the scene; you work at a Nuclear Power Plant and are an expert plant operator. You’re eating a glazed doughnut and all of a sudden the alarms start flashing. You know that something has gone wrong, but what could it be? There are a possible 1,500 things that could have gone wrong, and all the alarm tells you is that 1 of these possibilities has occurred. What do you do? How do you determine out of the 1,500 things that could have gone wrong what is actually happening? Without this information how would you know the difference between a coolant leak and a reactor meltdown? You wouldn’t, and not having this information quickly to hand led to a major nuclear incident at the Three Mile Island plant in the USA

The moral of this story is that usability matters, and can literally be a case of life and death. In your world you are not looking after a nuclear reactor in USA, but you could be a small business in trying to grow through your website. You are trying to convert leads to sales, and bad web design or usability can lead to frustrated customer who won’t open their wallets.


You’re attending a big business meeting and have been preparing extensively. You have a great product to sell them and know they will be hanging on to your every word. They have come out to meet you in the car park you know this is going to go well. You are about to introduce yourself when all of a sudden they ask you a question?

“What made you get a Lada?”

Are you feeling more or less confident?

First impressions really DO count...

Daily Mail

The style of your web site plays an important part in your business’s identity and worth. A well designed website will increase a customer's confidence in your services and products. Our web designers can make sure your web site stands out from the crowd either locally in places such as or across the UK making sure you always make that positive first impression.

Rockweb has talented individuals ready to make you web site usable, stylish and ready for mobile. Give us a call today on 01772 368 540 for a free quote.

What our customers say about us

I found Mike to be a very proactive and easy to get along with. He has a keen eye for detail and good technical knowledge but he also possesses that sometimes rare quality of being able to confidently articulate technical issues, presenting them to different audiences with options and recommendations.

It was a pleasure working with Mike and I have no question in recommending him.

Mark Harris - AXA UK

Mike was instrumental in developing a greenfield XSL-FO publishing solution. In addition to high quality development skills, he also demonstrated a good ability to communicate with the user base, and develop solutions in collaboration with them.

Peter Earle - Thomson Reuters / Sweet & Maxwell

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